“What are the Benefits of Having My Subaru Serviced at the Dealership?”

At Holmgren Subaru, we know that when it comes to auto repair and maintenance options for your Subaru car or SUV, you have options. And a lot of them!

Sure, it can be tempting to visit the garage just down the street from work, or your friendly neighborhood mechanic, but there are several reasons why it makes more sense to come and see us at Holmgren Subaru.

Why Have Your Vehicle Serviced at Holmgren Subaru?

  • Here, we use only authentic Subaru parts.
  • Our auto technicians are highly-skilled and extremely familiar with the Subaru brand. They will have a much better understanding of what your Subaru needs.
  • We’re located conveniently here in North Franklin, CT.
  • Because our service center keeps detailed service records, you’ll enjoy the fact that we’re familiar wit your vehicle. We keep track of what maintenance is needed in order to keep your vehicle in perfect running order, which is one less thing for you to think about.
  • Our service center is tidy and efficient and our hours are convenient for you.
  • Check out our service specials for additional cost-savings.

We hope you’ll consider bringing your Subaru to us for its next needed maintenance or repair appointment. We look forward to serving you soon at Holmgren Subaru.

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