Subaru EyeSight

Everyone knows that Subaru designs their vehicles to be capable and reliable. What people sometimes forget is that Subaru also designs all of their vehicles to be as safe as possible. Subaru continues to advance the field of automotive safety, and Subaru EyeSight is one of their biggest breakthroughs yet.

Subaru EyeSight offers an extra pair of eyes when you're out on the road. Available on select Subaru Crosstrek, Forester, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, and WRX models, Subaru EyeSight is a combination of several features that all work together to increase safety. Subaru EyeSight monitors the road ahead for other cars. It can be used for adaptive cruise control, making sure you're always a certain distance from the car ahead of you. It can also help you prevent a crash; if you get too close to something ahead of you, it will reduce power to the engine and even apply the brake if necessary. Not only that, Subaru EyeSight helps monitor your position on the road, and will warn you if you start to drift from your lane. Subaru makes some of the safest vehicles around, and Subaru EyeSight helps make them even safer.

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