Save Money with a Subaru Impreza

A penny saved is a penny earned, and you can save more than a few pennies when you buy a new Subaru Impreza. The Impreza has a low starting MSRP that should attract any car buyer. Base models of the Impreza have a starting MSRP of only $18,495!

Now, a low MSRP isn’t the only way that the Impreza helps you save. Since the Impreza has a standard 2.0-liter engine, it has an outstanding fuel efficiency. The Impreza can reach 38 highway mpg! This means that you will spend far less time at the pump and more time doing what you love!

The Impreza can also save you money because of how well Subaru constructs their vehicles. There is no worse feeling that buying a car, only for it to deteriorate within a few years, requiring thousands of dollars in parts and labor. You won’t feel that way when you buy a Subaru Impreza!

The Impreza has been awarded the longest-lasting vehicle in its class based on the average of vehicles in operation versus new registrations. With 96 percent of Impreza vehicles sold in the last 10 years still on the road today, the Impreza will have a lasting presence in your driveway.

Saving money also means retaining the value on the items you purchase. According to ALG, the Subaru Impreza retains its value better than any other vehicle in its class. This means that when you go to sell your Impreza, you will be able to get a higher value than many other vehicles. With these many ways to save, it’s no wonder that the Subaru Impreza is the best-selling all-wheel drive car in its class.

Save today by purchasing a Subaru Impreza. Your bank account will thank you for siding with a Subaru Impreza!

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