Sports cars send a message, and that message is that you're into excitement. The 2020 Subaru BRZ is a new sports car that's essentially every positive vehicular experience you've ever had wrapped up in a beautiful package. Here at Holmgren Subaru, it's been some time since we've been this excited about a new sports vehicle.

Notable Features on the Subaru BRZ

Not only is the BRZ outperforming other models in terms of capability and power, but it's also boasting an interior that its competition can only dream about. The BRZ comes equipped with an array of safety and performance features that'll make sure you're confident in the driver's seat, too, so you'll be able to fully utilize all the power that his sports vehicle has at its disposal.

The BRZ offers a lot of horsepower while still staying fuel-efficient, with a mileage that'd surprise you. Subaru mixed sustainability with performance, along with an emphasis on safety and durability. While some sports cars have a reputation for being fickle when it comes to safety, the BRZ is anything but that - dependability is one of its key traits.

Another way the BRZ is breaking barriers is its novel inclusion of technology features. While you might not normally be concerned with how the audio system or user interface are configured, let us here at Holmgren Subaru just tell you now that both are top-notch. The BRZ has tech that's easy to figure out and even easier to use.

Test Drive a Subaru BRZ

If the Subaru BRZ is convincing you that it's worth your consideration, then you're not alone. We've been receiving a lot of calls about its performance and capabilities here at Holmgren Subaru, so if you have any questions to pile on, then just ask us. We'd be more than happy to talk with you more about the Subaru BRZ. Stop by today to learn more!

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