When it comes to mid-size sedans, there are many choices available. However, few can match what a used Subaru Legacy can offer. From capability, reliability, and value, the Legacy stands out from the competition. Here is a look at what makes a used Legacy such a smart used vehicle purchase. Read on to learn more!

Designed for All Seasons

The Legacy carries on the tradition of most Subaru vehicles by coming standard with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. This is the unique system that sends an equal amount of power to all four wheels of the vehicle. This allows the Legacy to efficiently handle everything from wet pavement to challenging curves and even off-road conditions around North Franklin.

High Ground Clearance

When you think of mid-size sedans, ground clearance doesn't usually come to mind. However, when the weather gets rough in Hartford, you will appreciate the extra distance that the bottom of your vehicle will have to the pavement when that first big snowstorm or rainstorm arrives.

Unique Engine Design Brings Long Term Reliability

The Legacy also features Subaru's BOXER engine design. With this design, the pistons are mounted horizontally. This causes less wear and stress on the engine. The result is that you have an engine that lasts longer and lowers the overall cost of ownership of the vehicle throughout Middletown.

Considerable Value

The Legacy is also a great value. This mid-size sedan comes packed with many standard comforts, safety, and tech features. As a used sedan, these many features make the Legacy even more of a value at Holmgren Subaru near New London. Compare a used Legacy to other used mid-size sedans, and you will realize that the Legacy offers you more for the money.

Low Repair Costs

Subaru vehicles are also inexpensive to repair. That's thanks to the abundance of Subaru OEM parts and the automaker's vast dealer network. You can easily have your Subaru serviced anywhere in the country with quality OEM parts at a low price.

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