Why Buy a Used Subaru Coupe, Car or SUV?

A Competitive Rate, More Buying Options and A Lower Rate of Depreciation: Why Not Buy Used?

Making the short trip to Holmgren for your next automotive purchase could be quite advantageous for you. This is because our Subaru dealership houses a wide variety of used car, truck and SUV options and used models have a wide range of advantages. Check out just a few of the advantages of buying a used car below and let us know what you think!

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2018 Subaru Impreza Outlasts the 2018 Honda Civic

Protect Your Investment with a Subaru Impreza

There is nothing worse than buying a car and having a million things go wrong. You just spend a ton of money on buying the vehicle and now you will spend even more on repairs. When deciding between the 2018 Subaru Impreza and the 2018 Honda Civic, side with the award-winning one.

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There's No Doubt About It: The New Subaru Outback is the Ruggedly Capable Choice for Every Eastern Connecticut Drive

Against fierce competitors like the new Ford Explorer, ready to own the North Franklin area terrain, our new Subaru crossover SUV pulls far ahead on the trail. See how here at Holmgren Subaru.

For one, the new Subaru Outback offers better fuel economy by nearly eight miles per gallon, owing to its high-efficiency SUBARU BOXER engine. Ford Explorer, on the other hand, is home to a powerful 3.5-liter Ti-VCT V6, but it's much thirstier.

Secondly, the new Outback incorporates our automaker's celebrated Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system standard. It's permanent, always-on, and...

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Which Compact SUV Is Better? The Honda CR-V Or The Subaru Forester

A lot of time and effort goes into researching your next vehicle and with so many similar makes and models to choose from Hartford drivers want to be sure they are getting the best vehicle for them. To help our customers easily find the information they are looking for we have compared the Honda CR-V to the Subaru Forester. This way all you have to do is go for a test drive!


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Don’t Sell Yourself Short on Adventure

When it comes to picking the next SUV for your adventures, it’s clear that there are a lot of options out there from which to choose. But we at Holmgren don’t want you to sell yourself short on the choice. So we’ve compared our Subaru Forester to its competition, the Toyota RAV4.

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There Are Millions of Reasons to Love Subaru

Check Out a Few Here, Then Discover More Reasons to Switch from Your Current Brand During a Test Drive



What Does Subaru Have That Other Automakers Can't Offer?

When it comes to the big questions, like "Why buy Subaru?", one way to get to the answer is by asking a current owner, but if you're more inclined to research and specs, it never hurts to check out our Subaru Competitive Comparison Index.

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Exploring the Trim Levels of the Athletic 2018 Subaru WRX

The 2018 Subaru WRX is one of the most exciting cars on the market right now. Subaru's commitment to creating versatile, functional vehicles shines through in the WRX's various trim levels that show a vehicle that can be configured as anything from a luxury sedan to a bona fide rally car. If you want to learn more about the WRX and its different trims and features, read on for Holmgren Subaru's blow-by-blow breakdown.

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Save Money with a Subaru Impreza

A penny saved is a penny earned, and you can save more than a few pennies when you buy a new Subaru Impreza. The Impreza has a low starting MSRP that should attract any car buyer. Base models of the Impreza have a starting MSRP of only $18,495!

Now, a low MSRP isn’t the only way that the Impreza helps you save. Since the Impreza has a standard 2.0-liter engine, it has an outstanding fuel efficiency. The Impreza can reach 38 highway mpg! This means that you will spend far less time at the pump and more…

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Three Qualities to Look Forward to with the 2018 Subaru Legacy

Have you heard? The new 2018 Subaru Legacy is now for sale at Holmgren Subaru in North Franklin, Connecticut! That means New England drivers like you have access to yet another extraordinary sedan at our Subaru dealership. So, if you are considering getting a new car sometime soon, we recommend that you check this model out because it promises an exceptional driving experience. Below are three examples of how it aims to satisfy you.

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