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Drivers that love their Subaru cars and SUVs appreciate the value and quality offered by genuine Subaru parts and accessories. So long as you know what your vehicle needs, the parts acquired from us will work better, last longer, and keep the engine running smoothly during your Hartford adventures. What parts do we have, why do we recommend OEM parts, and what benefits can you expect? The Holmgren Subaru parts professionals would like to match you with the correct parts for your vehicle.

To get the answers to these questions and more, read further. We want you to enjoy your Subaru to its fullest potential. At our North Franklin Subaru dealership, we assist Subaru owners to help them achieve their driving goals.

Authentic Parts and Accessories for Your Subaru

Subaru cars share a few things in common with other vehicles. To keep the engine running as it should, you will eventually need spare parts. The most commonly requested Subaru parts at our parts center include gaskets, alternators, brake pads, and carburetors. As you may know, these components represent vital parts for your car, and any one of them malfunctioning could mean trouble when driving around Norwich, CT. Try not to wait until your car breaks down before upgrading to something new.

Take a look at how each part functions so you will know how to recognize imminent issues:


Your Subaru's engine tasks the carburetor with providing the proper mixture of gas and air to allow combustion. Generally, its operation runs well for a long time, but you may notice warning signs that'll let you know when to replace your carburetor. You may notice black smoke coming from the exhaust of your vehicle. Have you noticed your car getting louder during startup or a general lag in your engine's performance? Make sure to have your carburetor looked at if you notice any of these issues in your Subaru.

Brake Pads

Brake pads remain essential to your safety and the safety of anyone driving near your Subaru vehicle. Thankfully, checking your brake pads appears easy to do. For many Subaru models, you can easily look behind the rims and see wear around the calipers. In some severe cases, you may notice obvious signs of erosion along the rotor. In this case, have your brake pads changed right away at our service center. You don't want to put yourself or any other Middletown commuters at risk.


Alternators often appear easy to find. However, our OEM Subaru parts work best for your Subaru automobile. Alternators should offer compatibility with the engine that you use, but your car's make and model also play an important part in this selection. Warning indicators on your battery and flickering lights serve as a tell-tale sign of needing a new alternator.


You can find gaskets in lots of car parts, not just the engine. The gaskets in the transmission could need changing, too. Subaru sells gasket kits for front and rear transmissions. if you only need engine gaskets, we have those, too.

Benefits of Using Subaru OEM Parts

Keeping your Subaru up to date with healthy parts remains important. However, if you plan on having your Subaru for a while and want to ensure that everything works as it ages, we highly recommend OEM parts.

Buying aftermarket parts might seem cheaper and easier to find since most parts centers carry these generic parts. Down the road, you'll save more when sticking to Subaru parts and lessen the frequency of unexpected auto repairs. If you tackle long-distance commutes, you'll appreciate the added confidence of authentic parts for your Subaru vehicle. Additionally, the use of aftermarket parts can void your warranty.

Get Parts from Holmgren Subaru Today

We know Subaru parts better than anyone. You'll get quality OEM parts for your Subaru and more at our Subaru dealership near New London. We aim to have our customers leave with the parts they need to improve their driving experience. Please send us a message online or call our parts specialists for suggestions related to parts for your Subaru model. Want to bring your pets in while you wait for part installations? We encourage you to bring your furry friends when you visit us at Holmgren Subaru!

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