Concerned About a Potential Recall on Your Subaru? We Can Help Here at Holmgren Subaru

You missed the news last night but the headlines were saying something about an auto recall. Is your Subaru car or SUV affected? You can check that easily by visiting this page here at Holmgren Subaru.

"What do I do if my Subaru has a recall notice?"

First, please feel free to use this easy search tool. Simply enter your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and our system will let you know whether or not your vehicle currently has a recall notice. If so, we will happily complete that recall replacement or repair right here at our service center. Of course, all recall fixes are free of charge to you, the driver. You can schedule your service online using our handy tool, and enjoy the ease and convenience of doing so when it's convenient for you.

"Why are parts recalled?"

It may seem that more and more automobile companies are issuing recall notices than ever before. This is actually a very positive thing for drivers, as it means that you're safer than ever before. Faulty parts or parts which have the potential to malfunction can now be quickly and easily replaced at no charge to you, ensuring that you're driving a safer vehicle. Our grandparents only dreamed of this type of service and added protection on the road!

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